Replacement library cards are $3.00 each.

Photocopies and computer printouts are $0.25 per page.

Black and white printer only.

To send a fax:
​$1.00 per page for toll free and local area codes (610)​
$2.00 per page for long distance (outside of 610 area code)
$3.00 per page for international

To receive a fax:
$0.25 per page

      Material                       Per Day           Maximum Fine

Audiobooks                            25¢                $10.00

Books/Magazines                  25¢                $10.00

DVDs/Blu Rays                  $1.00                 $10.00

Video Games                     $1.00                 $30.00

Telescope                           $5.00                $60.00/cost of telescope

Late Fee and Fines

Other Library Charges


Book Drop

Borrowing privileges will be suspended for the entire family, if a family member's fine total equals or exceeds $10.00. This includes computer use. Please pay your overdue fines! The fines help the library to purchase new materials.  

Please keep in mind, library materials are due by closing time of their due date.

Items may be renewed over the telephone or online.  If renewing over the telephone, please have your library card number ready.  Items that are on hold may not be renewed.  Items are renewed for their regular loan period from the day they are renewed. 

Getting A Library Card

Please return audiobooks, videos, DVDS, compact discs, and video games in the Media Bookdrop,   Items become overdue at closing time on their due date. Every day at closing time all items not returned but due that day are considered overdue. If the item is put in the book drop after the library has closed for the day the item will not be checked in until the next day making the item one day late. Fines do not accumulate when the library is closed for an entire day (Sundays, holidays, etc.).

Due Dates

409 Constitution Ave., Hellertown, PA 18055

Phone:  610-838-8381 Fax: 610-838-8466

Residents of the Borough of Hellertown 6 months and older, can obtain library cards with proper identification. This includes but is not limited to a student ID or driver's license. Patrons residing outside the Borough of Hellertown  must show proof of an ACCESS Library membership in order to obtain a library card.

By signing the library card you accept responsibility for all items borrowed and any charges incurred.   It is important that you never share your library card with someone else.

You must present your library card to borrow materials.  If you lose your library card, there is a $3.00 replacement fee.