Eric & Donna Mueller

Janie Hecker and Toby

TRENDZ of Saucon Valley

Saucon Valley Alumni Association

Elliot Filter, Inc./Marina Iskhakova Family

Tracey Gatchel

Beth Henderson

The Stuart & Beth Paxton Family Fund

Saucon Valley Lions Club

Julie Vautrin

John & Minga Ferencin

Terry & Lois Hahn - Toby Match


Amanda Bokan

Getz Family Giving Fund   

Vivian Demko

Janet & Lars Luther          

Crews Surveying

Earl & Erika Hill              

Lost River Caverns

Barb Ryan                       

Katherine Ramsland

Thomas Rieger               

Jack & Cynthia Keptner - Toby Match

Carol & James Crowel

Bill Broun

HAL would also like to thank everyone who has donated supplies, prizes, candy, juice boxes, etc. throughout the year.  There are too many to name!!! 

Series $1,001-$5,000

Best seller $5,001-$10,000

Novel $501-$1,000

Children’s Fiction $1-$100

Marcella Dimmick Estate

Pam Hahn - $100 Toby Match

409 Constitution Ave., Hellertown, PA 18055

   Phone:  610-838-8381 Fax: 610-838-8466

McDonald's of Hellertown

Braveheart & Andy Lee

The McIntosh Fund

Joseph Pampanin, Jr.

The Heinzelman Family

Lisa & Dano Guerrieri Saucon Pointe LLC- Thank you Matt Marcincin

Joseph & Molly Buck

Steel Club

American Legion  Post 397

Andrew & Sonya Hughes

Bright Funds - Anonymous Donor

Classic Literature $10,000 or more

Short Story $101-$500

We gratefully acknowledge and recognize the following patrons for their generosity in supporting of The Hellertown Area Library 

Joseph & Linda Orlando

'Declan O'Connell

Shannon Morris

Evelyn Garofalo

Cindy's Hair Designs/Gracinda DaSilva - Toby Match

The Lomangino Family

Paul & Linda Belke - For Susan Kranzley Creativity Corner

Phyllis Fetzer - Toby Match

Timothy Murphy

Michael Brubaker

Sanjay Sunder

George & Esther Shoemaker - Toby Match

Elaine Donnelly - Toby Match

Jessy Rutz

Francesca & Liliana

Everly & Isabel

The Getten Family

Bob & Barb Pasternak

Kathleen Truskowski

Nancy Fegley

Lower Saucon UCC Book Club          

612 Main St. LLC

Gerald & Tracy Madonna                  

Jennifer Poltl 
Harry & Elizabeth Sheather            

Elizabeth Sabol
Renee Hillman                             

Jennifer Tabor
Leslie McCooey                             

Frances Brunell
Sidd Kuthari                                

Olive To Be Social
Judy Malitsch

Kathryn FenstermacherToby Match 

Christina Crews - Toby Match               

Kim Sauerzopf - Toby Match 

Marty Kreck - Toby Match                      

Melissa Scott - Toby Match   

Donna Rice - Toby Match                    

Jody Hecker-Hess - Toby Match