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How does Summer Reading work for kids? 

1. Register for the program and receive a reading log.

2. Record your reading.

3. Bring your logs back to HAL.

4. Get a prize and a ticket for the "Out of this World Summer Carnival"!

5. Get a piece to add to your solar system!

May I register/print logs online?

You may register and print logs online Beginning June 1st by clicking this link! You may also log your reading on any paper you have. The registration form may be printed and brought to HAL beginning June 1st.

Summer Reading Frequently Asked Questions

What are important dates that I need to know?

June 1st - Registration for the Weekly Reading Program begins.

June 17th - First Day to turn in reading logs to receive a prize and earn a ticket for the summer carnival.

June 19th - ScienceTellers Program at 6:30 PM.

August 17th - Last day to turn in reading logs.

Who may participate in Summer Reading?

Anyone from infants to adults! Please refer to the Adult Summer Reading page for separate instructions and events.

How often may I get a prize?

You may return your logs and get a prize as often as once a week!

How many books/pages do I need for a prize?

Infants to 2nd Grade - need 10 or more books for a prize.

2nd Grade to Teens - need 100 or more pages for a prize.

How do I record my reading?

Infants to 2nd Grade - record books that you read yourself or that have been read to you.

2nd Grade to Teens - record the number of pages that you have read.

When do I start?

You may register for the Weekly Reading Program starting June 1st and turn in your log starting June 17th.