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Hellertown Area Library

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Library Policies
Other Library Charges PDF Print E-mail

Replacement library cards are $3.00 each.

Photocopies and computer printouts are $0.25 per page.  Black and white printer only.

To send a fax:

  • $1.00 per page for toll free and local area codes (610)
  • $2.00 per page for long distance (outside of 610 area code)
  • $3.00 per page for international

To receive a fax:

  • $0.25 per page
Donation Policy PDF Print E-mail

The library will not accept textbooks, condensed books of any format, encyclopedias or dictionaries and magazines. Materials copyrighted before 2000 will not be accepted.

Some gifts and donations may be appropriate for the collection and not otherwise available. For example, items of local history might only be obtained through donations. Therefore, it is the policy of the library to encourage such donations. However, some of these items may be inappropriate for the collection. Therefore, the library will not make commitments to keep donations as a part of the collection until the material has been examined.

Damaged, incomplete, soiled, musty, or out-of-date books will be not be accepted. The staff may recommend that the patron take these items to other used book sales or the recycling center.

Due to limited shelving space, only items that are deemed to enhance the collection will be accepted for the collection; all other material will be relegated to the used book sale. 

Behavior Policy PDF Print E-mail

In order to provide all Library users with equal access to the Library's collections and services, and to achieve the optimum and safest use of the Library facilities, the Board of Trustees has adopted these rules governing the behavior of Library users.

Library users shall be engaged in activities associated with the use of a public library while in the building. The Library is intended to be used for reading, studying, securing information, conducting research, borrowing Library materials, or attending Library authorized programs, meetings, and activities. Library users are expected to follow all Library procedures to ensure the safety of themselves and others, as well as the efficiency of all Library services. 

Acceptable Use PDF Print E-mail
We are pleased to provide internet access and computer technology to our patrons, but ask that you read and follow a few rules and regulations.
  1. Patrons must have a current library card to use the internet. Computer stations must be "checked out" as with any other library materials. To use the internet, stop by the circulation desk to sign up for the computer of your choice. Not all computers in the library have internet capabilities. Check the signs and labels on each computer before you sign up for a time slot. The library assistant will ask for your library card which will be held while you are using a computer. You may sign up for a thirty-minute time slot, and continue unless there is someone else waiting to use the computer. When you are finished, you must stop at the circulation desk again to sign off from your computer and to pick up your library card. The library provides patrons with the ability to  conduct word processing and desktop publishing, CD-ROM research, access to the online catalog, and more. Please respect time limits, as other patrons may be waiting to use the internet or other computer programs.